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Canadian Immigration Programs

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Canadian Immigration programs are broadly divided into two categories, Temporary Residency and Permanent Residency.

A temporary resident is a foreign national who is legally authorized to enter Canada for temporary purposes it could be work travel, work or study. Permanent residence is a type of immigration that refers to foreign citizens who have been granted the right to live in Canada permanently, including the right to work, study, and access the country’s social services. These residents have most of the rights of that of a Canadian citizen except that they cannot vote in political elections and they cannot obtain a Canadian passport. Instead of a passport, they are issued a permanent residence card that can be used in combination with their existing passport in order to travel to Canada.

Did you know that there are more than 80 different Canadian immigration programs? Find out your options for immigration to Canada , check if you're eligible or not by filling a FREE online assessment form.


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Canadian Citizenship

For many immigrants who begin a new life in Canada, citizenship is the finish line at the end of a long journey. Many Canadian permanent residents who have gone through the rigorous immigration process look forward to being granted citizenship, and are eager for the day they can be sworn in as an official Canadian citizen. A Canadian immigrant may apply for Canadian Citizenship after spending at least three years in Canada as a permanent resident and as a part of the process satisfy several requirements to submit a Canadian citizenship application, and then need to take a Canadian citizenship test. Once the application is approved, the applicants attend a Citizenship Ceremony to take Canada's Oath of Citizenship. Contact Us for FREE, comprehensive and experienced assistance with Canadian immigration and Citizenship.

Do you quality for Canadian Citizenship? Read more to understand the process better.



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We are accredited as Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) and are legally authorized to represent our client’s case at the Canadian Consulate.


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