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From 2019 through 2021, Canada will welcome more than one million new immigrants through its many immigration programs.It is an ideal time to apply for Canadian immigration as long term plans project a steady increase in the number of immigrants accepted to Canada each year. Canada offers many programs which allow a person to apply permanent residency .

There are currently more than 80 programs available for immigration to Canada. For that reason, everyone's path to Canadian immigration will be unique. The right Canadian immigration program for you will depend on your characteristics, your goals, and your particular situation.

Broadly speaking there is a Skilled Worker category, which is a program for those who have skilled work experience needed in Canada’s economy. Others are sponsored for permanent residence by their Canadian family members, including their spouses, partners, parents or children. There are also business immigration programs offering permanent residence for immigrants willing to set up businesses in Canada or invest a substantial sum in Canada. Apart from this various provincial governments have their individual nominee programs whereby they can pick a limited number of people each year to immigrate to their province.

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Canadian Immigration Programs

General or Economic Category Immigration Programs

Long term plans project a steady increase in the number of immigrants accepted to Canada each year.

Majority of new immigrants are being accepted through this category. These programs are designed to help those with relevant work experience and/or education to resettle in Canada and contribute to the Canadian economy. There are several different categories of economic immigration programs.

  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)
  • Express Entry Selection System
  • Quebec Selection system
  • Atlantic Immigration Pilot

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Canada is the second largest country in the world where each province has different population and economies. These provincial nominee programs help these provinces to choose immigrants based on their economic and demographic requirements.

PNPs are also a fast-track option for Canadian permanent residence. But you must know that all decisions regarding Canadian permanent residence must be approved at the national level by the federal government, so Canada’s provinces cannot approve permanent resident status on their own. This is why the provincial programs are considered “nominee” programs. Securing a provincial nomination is always step one in a two-step process. First, an interested immigrant is approved at the provincial level and then he or she must apply to the federal level.

Except the Quebec province each Canadian province and two territories have their own unique Provincial Nominee Programs. Each PNP is specially tailored to the province’s/territory’s specific requirements to select nominees who will be able to settle comfortably and work in the region to contribute to the community productively. The Quebec province holds a different selection system overall.

The provinces and territories that participate sign agreements with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) that allows them to select immigrants who meet the advanced requirements.

List of the Canadian Provinces and their PNP Details:

Provincial Nominee Program Image

Express Entry Selection System (EE System)

Express Entry selection system is a fairly new system of Canada immigration selection introduced by the federal government in January 2015. The word “Express” in Express Entry System refers to any application under this system is processed swiftly.

The awe-inspiring lifestyle of the West has created many dreams of migrating abroad and Canada is easily the most preferred countries by the skilled youth to work and settle for its bountiful opportunities.

This new selection process for Canada Migration is tailor-made to filter skilled workers for Canada immigration.

Express Entry system is an electronic process that involves the federal government, provincial governments, and Canadian employers. You need to choose whether you are a potential candidate for Canadian immigration or a Canadian employer interested in hiring skilled workers so as to best serve your requirements.

Basically the Express Entry to Canada Program covers four prime economic immigration programs. They are as follows:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
  • Experience Class of Canada (CEC)
  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

*Note: The immigrants must plan to live outside the Quebec province as the province of Quebec selects its own skilled workers.

Provincial Nominee Program Image

Quebec Selection System

Quebec is a very unique province and also the largest in Canada with a population of over 8.2 billion people. The province is not only known for its natural endowments of lush forests, hills and countless water ways (it has over one million lakes) but also for its capital city Montreal, which is the largest French speaking city in the world.

Hence it’s no surprise that the Federal government has granted Quebec more autonomy in the conduct of immigration policies and procedures, which is why Quebec’s immigration programs are often treated separately from the other provinces. Quebec operates a number of different immigration programs enabling eligible candidates to secure Canadian PR. The programmes are as under:

  • Certificat de sélection du Québec (CSQ)
  • Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSW)
  • Quebec Experience Program (PEQ)
  • Quebec Investor Program

Atlantic Immigartion Pilot

A new ‘pilot’ program was launched by the Atlantic Province of Canada in 2017. As its evident from its name, its first of its kind program and is subject to change. This program aims to accept a maximum number of 2,000 new immigrants each year, with quotas increasing to 4,000 by 2020. It is unique because it allow designated employers from the Atlantic province to hire foreign nationals without obtaining a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

A Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is a document issued by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) assessing the impact of hiring a foreign national in Canada. A positive LMIA indicates that there is no Canadian citizen or permanent resident to fill a position, therefore enabling an employer to hire a foreign national.


The designated employers assist eligible foreign nationals with the submission of permanent residency applications and long-term settlement. Canada’s Atlantic provinces include New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Islands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Canada values your education and takes it into consideration for many of its Canadian immigration programs. Certain programs, such as the Skilled Worker and Provincial Nominee programs, assign a point value to your education. Start your free assessment and find out if your education helps you to be eligible for an economic immigration program.
If you have a job offer that meets certain conditions, that offer might help you achieve your Canadian immigration goals. We would be happy to assess your job offer and let you know if it meets the requirements for certain immigration programs. Start your free assessment today and let us know that you have a Canadian job offer in the relevant field provided in the form.
Candidates for Canadian immigration who have at least one year of skilled work experience are deemed more likely to be able to assimilate into the Canadian labour market. This experience will allow you to become a contributing member of Canada's economy and the local community. There are a number of programs that assign a point value for your work experience, including the Skilled Worker and Provincial Nominee programs. These programs promote work experience as a valuable asset, thereby increasing your chances of successfully immigrating to Canada. We encourage you to start your free assessment to find out how your work experience may enhance your Canadian immigration options.
If you have a close relative in Canada, you might be able to obtain Canadian permanent residence under a Family Class program. In addition, having a friend already living in Canada may provide you with an option through a Provincial Nominee Program that awards points for having a close connection to the province. Start your free assessment and let us know about your relatives and/or friends in Canada. We will match these relationships against the programs that are currently available and let you know more about your Canadian immigration options.
The Canadian Experience Class and Quebec Experience Class programs offer permanent Canadian immigration options for individuals who have already worked, or are currently working, in Canada. These programs may be available to those who have recently studied or are studying in Canada. Be sure to bring this experience to our attention when you fill our free assessment, so that we can guide you accordingly.
Your business and ownership experience may help you to be eligible for a number of Provincial Nominee Program Business Immigration streams or for the Business Investor and Entrepreneur programs offered by the governments of Canada and Quebec. Start your free assessment today, and be sure to provide information about your business ownership and management experience, as well as any information about the type of business you would like to operate in Canada.
If you have a high enough net worth and wish to continue your career or invest in Canada, there are a number of Canadian immigration opportunities that might be available to you. These programs are designed to help enrich the Canadian economy by asking you to make an investment in the government of Canada or Quebec, or to use your management or business ownership experience to operate a business in Canada or Quebec. Many provinces offer business or investment streams under a Provincial Nominee Program for this purpose. Moreover, the Business Investor and Entrepreneur Immigration programs operated by the Federal or Quebec governments offer excellent opportunities for obtaining Canadian permanent resident status through investment or entrepreneurship. Start your free assessment and be sure to include your net worth, as well as your business ownership and management experience, so that we can tell you more about what options may be available to you.

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