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Every year, the government of Canada allows and helps in admitting more than 200,000 immigrants from different countries from around the world. However this is just an opportunity for someone looking for a base change.

What makes Canada one of the best choices around the globe is a basket of offerings the country presents.

What the Canadian government offers

  • According to United Nations Annual Human Development Index Canada ranks number one considering the factors like job opportunities, best school education, cost of living, life expectancy etc.
  • Being a member of G8 it holds one of the strongest economies and world’s most prosperous nations
  • Canada is the second-largest country in the world and has vast lands with three territories and ten provinces. The nation boasts beautiful countryside interspersed by modern cities.
  • The Canadian rules and regulations allow an individual along with his/her family for citizenship in the country with permanent residential status within four years within their arrival in Canada.
  • Canada is quite renowned in the world with its premium health care amenities. Plenty of well-equipped and well-facilitated clinics, hospitals and offices of doctors are located in almost every community. These health facilities serve for free to all the Canadians who are registered in National Health Insurance Program.
Why Canada Image
Why Canada Image

Lifestyle in Canada

  • Free education and medical facilities are provided to the residents of Canada for a better lifestyle
  • Plenty of benefits and facilities are offered to the residents of Canada, like, old age insurance, free medical amenities, unemployment insurance, free education, and so on.
  • The country’s rules and regulations allow its citizens to access the markets of Mexico and United States as per the agreement of NAFTA.
  • Canadian Government has provided free education in Public Schools of Canada up to 12th standard.
  • Senior citizens are entitled for an old age pension. This amount of pension depends on the years they have dwelled in the country. The maximum amount can be calculated up to 40 years after the age of 18. If a person has lived less than 40 years in the country, each year will be deducted as 40.
  • A resident of Canada is eligible for 60% of his last salary drawn if he or she has served in Canada for at least 6 months from that time and is laid off from his job.

Find out what it takes to be eligible for Canadian immigration and begin your journey to Canada.

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